Student Questions/FAQs

Student Questions / FAQs

Q: I plan to graduate with my bachelor’s degree in X-semester. Will a reverse transfer degree delay my graduation? Will I lose those credits at my current university?

A: You will still be on path for your bachelor’s degree if you are awarded an associate degree through Tennessee Reverse Transfer ( The credits from the four-year institution you attend that “transfer back” to your community college are not subtracted from your four-year institution transcript.

Q: What associate degree will I receive if I am eligible?

A: The degree audit will be run against all of the Tennessee Transfer Pathways (the 40 most common transfer programs).  If you meet the degree requirements for one of those, that is the degree you have already earned. If you do not meet the requirements for one of those programs, the community college will also check to see if you meet the requirements for an AA or AS General.

Q: I opted-in – when do I find out if I get the degree?

A: Your former community college will conduct an official degree audit sometime after October 6 for Fall graduation.  The invitation email was to allow your colleges/universities to share your transcripts so your community college can conduct a degree audit—it did not guarantee that you meet the degree requirements.

The software system will run an unofficial degree review October 6-8 and make the results available to your former community college.  The community college will determine if you meet requirements for a degree. If a degree is awarded, it will be posted as a December 2017 degree award.

Your former community college will notify you of the results in December/early January.

Q: My roommate received an email saying she might get an associate degree. We both attended X-community college, but I did not get that email. Why?

A: In order to be considered, students have to meet some basic criteria (see Those meeting those basic criteria were identified by their current 4-year school and were sent an email on August 15. The email described Tennessee Reverse Transfer and provided the instructions to opt-in.  The emails were sent to the students’ four-year campus email addresses.

If you have checked your transfer school email and did not receive the email (subject line: Important Graduation Information), then you did not meet the criteria.  Please review the website and see your academic advisor at your four-year institution.  NOTE: if you meet the criteria next semester, you will receive the email invitation to participate.

Q: I got an email saying I might be able to get my associate degree. I am interested—what do I need to do?

A: Embedded in the content of the email is a place to “CLICK HERE” to opt-in.  If you click there, you will then be taken to another page to complete some basic demographic information. This information, along with all of your college transcript information, is shared with your former community college.

Your former community college will determine if you meet the requirements for an associate degree. Degrees will be awarded in the end of the semester.

More information is at  Opting-in is simple—a CLICK and 2 minutes of your time!

Q: If I opt-in, how much will all this cost me?

A: One of the many good things about Tennessee Reverse Transfer is that there are NO FEES associated with the process or the degree award! There is no cost for the transcript information exchange, no graduation fee—nothing!

The degree audit is based on the courses you have already completed (and paid for!), so no additional cost to you.

Q: If I get the associate degree, what happens to my financial aid?

A: If you are receiving a Pell Grant, HOPE Scholarship, or federal loan, your aid will not be impacted (  However, if you receive aid from a private scholarship (e.g., Optimist Club, PTO, etc.), you need to review the conditions of the scholarship—there may be a clause that impacts the award if you were to receive a degree.

You can also discuss your aid with someone in the Financial Aid Office. The deadline to participate this semester in Tennessee Reverse Transfer is September 12.  Participation does not guarantee a degree will be awarded—participation allows for a free degree audit. Your former community college determines if you meet their degree requirements.

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